Your Client Is Out Of Date – PrinterLogic Printer Installer

When trying to launch the webpage from the Printer Installer Client, you may get this error:

Your client is out of date. Please install the latest Printer Installer Client and try again.

This is because the version of the Printer Installer Client running on the PC is different to the one on the Printer Installer web server and the Printer Installer Client has failed to update. To fix this, manually install the correct version of the Printer Installer Client on the PC.

You may also get the Out of date client error if the user does not have permission to view or install any printers. In which case you can give users permission through the admin website. Failing this, click Tools -> Settings -> Portal and deselect Enable Advanced Portal Security: Do not show folders and items that a user does not have rights to view / install. This should fix most instances of the client incorrectly reporting as out of date.

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