You Do Not Have Access To This Information – App-V Server 5

After installing App-V Server 5, when you start the Application Virtualization Management Console you get this error:

You do not have access to this information. Please check your credentials.

This can be fixed by logging off the server and logging back on again. If this doesn’t fix the error and you have logged on with an account with permission to access this information, then you have probably added a default AD group (such as Domain Admins) to the access permissions when you installed App-V 5. In this case, uninstall App-V Server and reinstall using a newly created Active Directory group or a single user account and add the other users / groups once App-V Server is installed.

When entering the user to give access to App-V management console, be sure to enter the domain name in the format: domain\username

If it’s still saying that you do not have access to this information or you can’t uninstall then reinstall App-V 5, then you can edit the DB to add users. Open the AppVManagement database in SQL Server Management Studio and edit the RoleAssignments table (right click Edit top 200 rows is fine if you don’t know SQL query language). Add a new line with the Id column left blank, RoleName set to ADMIN, find your SID and enter the SID of your user account in the Sid column and put a 1 in the AccountType column.

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One thought on “You Do Not Have Access To This Information – App-V Server 5

  1. Had to uninstall and reinstall to get it to work. Not sure why it hung up other than it could have been that I had to remake my DB’s on my SQL server.

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