WordPress Is Slow To Load – WordPress Performance Optimization

Is WordPress a slow CMS platform? Is WordPress going slow / slow to load? Here’s how to fix issues causing WordPress to be slow to load.

WordPress in itself is not a slow platform, but several things can cause it to go slowly, these are the most common reasons:

  1. The hosting provider’s server or internet connection is slow
  2. You have installed too many WordPress plugins
  3. The pictures on your website are too large (in terms of file size)
  4. You haven’t enabled gzip (Not enabling gzip won’t slow WordPress down – but it does speed WordPress up quite a bit)

Obviously the hosting provider can have a big impact on the loading time of your WordPress site, but there are things you can check yourself to try to improve the performance. Check that pictures that you have uploaded to slow pages are less than 150kb each (ideally much less) and that there aren’t hundreds of pictures on the webpage. If you have to have large pictures on your website, consider loading them after the page is loaded. There are a few ways to do this in the code or you can just get a jquery or flash plugin that loads pictures quickly.

Another thing you can check is that there aren’t too many WordPress plugins installed. Additional plugins not only create more work for the host, but also send additional http requests. Additional http requests slow websites down because they require more DNS lookups to request the page, which take time and slows loading speed.

Assuming that you don’t have trouble with your web hosting provider, have pictures with a small file size and haven’t enabled too many plugins in WordPress… If your website is still going slow, you can troubleshoot the performance with a FireFox plugin called YSlow.

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