Why You Shouldn’t Auto Add Tags In WordPress!

There are many WordPress plugins that will automatically add tags to your WordPress blog, but here’s why you shouldn’t auto add tags!

There are two reasons why you shouldn’t automatically add tags to your WordPress blog, these are:

  1. It’s bad for Search Engine Optimization
  2. It’s not useful to visitors of your blog

Let’s examine the first reason to start off. The goal of any search engine is to enable its users to find what they’re looking for, but more than that… Their goal is to return the best, most relevant results. Search engines achieve their goal by creating algorithms to work out what is and isn’t relevant content, pushing irrelevant content to the bottom of the barrel. If a website is frequently giving poor quality / irrelevant content, then it will be penalized.

Automatically adding tags to your blog tells search engines what’s important in your website. If you automatically add tags using a WordPress plugin, that plugin doesn’t know what the good content in your blog is, it just picks out as many keywords as it can. This results in poor quality links and therefore a poor quality structure to your blog. It also tells search engines that your posts are about subjects that they aren’t relevant to. This is very bad, because as people find your blog based on keywords in your tags, they will find the content irrelevant to what they’re searching on. The keywords probably don’t even match the title and description meta tags (what they see in the search engine results), and they probably won’t even click on your blog in the search engine results page. This is very bad, because search engines will see that people aren’t interested in your blog and de-value it; hence you shouldn’t automatically add tags to your blog!

I’ve kind of yammered on a bit and sort of covered off the second reason you shouldn’t automatically add tags to your WordPress blog. It should be pretty obvious now that if you auto add tags, the tags aren’t going to be useful because they don’t reflect the juicy bits of the content they link to. You’re better off taking the 10 seconds to add good quality, relevant tags that your visitors might want to click on to see more posts covering that topic.

Finally, some people might want to use a WP plugin that automatically adds tags because they’ve never used tags before and have found themselves with a blog that has 500 posts and they don’t want to go through each post and add tags.

I completely understand your lack of enthusiasm to go through each post and manually add tags. However you should consider that the only reason to take the time to write a blog is so that people will read it, and you won’t get anyone reading those 500 posts you’ve done unless your search engine optimization is done correctly (refer to point 1). So my suggestion is to either take the time to go through your old posts and add tags or don’t put any tags on your blog. Because even having no tags is better than automatically adding tags to your blog using a WP plugin (refer to points 1 & 2).

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