Why Is The Address Bar Green In Internet Explorer On Some Websites?

On some websites, the address bar is green in Internet Explorer. Why is this and what makes the address bar go green?

The address bar in Internet Explorer goes green when the website owner has purchased an EV Certificate. Certificates are used as a security mechanism by Internet Explorer to inform the user that a trusted third party can confirmed that the owner of the website is who they say that are. Standard certificates only confirm that the domain name you are visiting is the one serving the page, which is a good way to protect from man-in-the-middle attacks and encrypt the data sent between Internet Explorer and the server hosting the website. An Extended Validation certificate or EV certificate is more secure because it means that the trusted third party has also done investigation to confirm that the company that own the website are registered and are who they say they are. When a website has an EV certificate, the address bar goes green in Internet Explorer to highlight that the domain is highly trustworthy.

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