Why Do You Taste Blood In My Mouth When Running?

Whenever I go running, I always taste blood in my mouth. I decided to look this up and found that you can get the taste of blood in your mouth if:

  • You have a weak heart
  • You have a nose bleed

Because I was a little concerned, I decided to do some research on why I get the taste of blood in my mouth when I run and found that its actually caused by something called Pulmonary Edema or Pulmonary Oedema if you’re English. Pulmonary Edema is basically backed up blood flow that ends up in the lungs, which ends up being coughed up when you do exercise – which is why you get the taste of blood in your mouth after running.

Pulmonary Edema is caused by the failure of the Left Ventrical failing to pump enough blood to keep up with your body’s increased cardio requirements caused by running, which is what leads up to the excess fluid that ends up in your lungs and tastes of blood.

How To Stop the Taste of Blood in my Mouth after Running

Because the taste of blood in your mouth after running is caused by your heart not being able to pump enough to keep up with your exercise, to stop the taste of blood you need to increase the amount of blood your heart can pump. You can do this by doing more cardio exercise (such as running), giving your heart a workout so it grows bigger and can pump more blood.

Other Theories

There are some other theories going around the internet that you taste blood in your mouth after running because you’re putting pressure on your lungs which causes your blood vessels to break. People have suggested taking vitamin C to help heal the broken blood vessels, however I have heard rebuttal to this theory stating that if you had broken blood vessels in your lungs when running, you would have serious health risks. Therefore I’m disinclined to believe this theory.

Another theory someone proposed was that it is caused by Asthma. Personally, I doubt that a person who otherwise doesn’t suffer from Asthma, would get Asthma when running to the point where they were coughing up blood.

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