What Is Windows 8 Snap View?

Windows 8 introduces a new way to view apps called Windows 8 Snap; but what is Windows Snap view and how do you use it?

Windows Snap enables users to view multiple (only 2 at the moment) full screen apps on a single screen. It does this by splitting the screen in two, using a vertical line down the centre of the screen and displaying one full screen Windows App on each side of the line. The line can then be dragged left or right to resize, but beware that dragging it too far will close the Windows Snap view an leave only one full screen app on your screen.

To use Windows Snap view:

  1. Start a Windows App
  2. Click on what used to be the Start Menu (or press the Windows key on your keyboard)
  3. Start a different Windows App
  4. Move the mouse to the top left corner of the screen, then downwards to show the list of Windows Apps that are currently running
  5. Click and drag the app that you want to view in Windows Snap mode, dragging the app onto the existing full screen app

You will now be viewing both apps on your screen with Windows Snap.

To me, Windows Snap seems like a fairly pointless view, because you can’t really do much in either app when in Snap view. Having said that, I am yet to try Windows Snap view on a PC with two monitors connected in extended screen mode, which may mean that you can have a fullscreen app on each monitor…?

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