What Is VMware vSAN?

vSAN is the latest offering from VMware. Vmware’s virtual SAN (vSAN) is not an ESXi appliance, but a brand new OS from VMware offering SAN services.

After installing VMware vSAN on your hardware, you will be able to set up your server (or collection of servers) to offer SAN disk to other servers (For example, to be used as storage for ESXi). At the time of writing, vSAN has the following SAN features:

Scale-out storage across multiple hosts (there’s actually a 3 host minimum that it needs to be installed on) SSD caching for performance vCenter integrated management Intelligent data placement across disks Rapid storage provisioning granular scaling (per VM policies!) Storage policies

One of the best things about VMware vSAN is it’s ease of use, compared to other SAN technologies.

How does it compare to other SANs? Well, at the time of writing, it’s probably not a market leader. I’m actually a little disappointed that it doesn’t support dedupe; which for me is an essential when picking a SAN to be used to allocate disk to a hypervisor.

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