What Is The Windows 8 Network Projection Feature?

Windows 8 has a new feature that allows you to connect to a network projector. The Network Projection Feature installs a bit of software that enables you to enter the address of a network projector to connect to.

Network projectors are normal projectors that can be connected to remotely over a network, using RDP. This way a Windows 8 user can do a presentation using their computer from any location.

The advantage of this new feature is that you don’t necessarily have to install some 3rd party software to operate a network projector. This is particularly useful because it means that network administrators can buy a range of projectors throughout their company and not have to worry about ensuring that all staff have the software for each one installed. I imagine that this feature will be primarily used by large companies or those with multiple sites and a training officer.

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7 thoughts on “What Is The Windows 8 Network Projection Feature?

  1. I saw this feature in windows 7. I couldn’t find it in Windows 8. I thought they had removed it. Where can I find it?

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    • Network Projection is a feature in Windows 8, it’s there along with all the other features. Sorry, I’m not longer running Windows 8 because of a frustrating incompatibility with VMware vSphere Client, so I can’t remember exactly how you install featrues… I’d sugggest right clicking my computer and clicking manage or right clicking the far bottom left corner of the screen and looking in the Control Panel for Features or Programs. Network Projection is definitely there in Windows 8.

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    • I just read that you can install the Network Projection feature in Windows 8 by:

      1. Moving the mouse to the top right hand corner of the screen
      2. Moving the mouse downwards so the Charms Bar appears
      3. Clicking on Settings
      4. Clicking on Add Features
      5. Then following your nose to add the Network Projection feature.

      Hope that helps.

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      • Ok, I’ve installed Windows 8 on my machine now and I can confirm that to install the Windows 8 Network Projection feature you:

        1. Move the mouse to the top right hand corner of the screen
        2. Move the mouse downwards so the Charms Bar appears
        3. Click Settings
        4. Click Control Panel
        5. Click Programs
        6. Click Turn Windows features on or off
        7. Put a tick in the Network Projection box
        8. Next, Next, Next, etc…

        The Windows 8 Network Projection feature will then be installed.

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  2. I have never seen any of these network projectors. I presume they need to incorporate a computer, so they would be very expensive.

    My Intel-powered ThinkPad laptop has Intel WiDi, so I want to get one of these WiDi receivers to connect to my telly through HDMI instead.

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    • There are lots of merits of using your TV for your home theatre system over projectors:

      • Price
      • Lack of consumables (projector bulbs)
      • Quality of image
      • Operation in daylight

      Although I would recommend a projector if you have a requirement to cover more than 60 inches of screen. Probably just for a home theatre system, I doubt you’d need the extra features that a network projector gives you above a normal projector.

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  3. you need to use add/remove windows feature to add Network projector.

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