What Is The Difference Between The FaceBook Like Vs Share Button?

FaceBook have a Like button and a Share button, but what is the difference? Also, should you put a FaceBook Like or FaceBook Share button on your website, or both? Looking at the difference between the Like and Share button, it should be fairly obvious which you should use for your website. Basically FaceBook produced a Like button as a way to count how many people Like something and also to share it with others. FaceBook produced the Share button to simply share something. Therefore, you should use a FaceBook Like button, rather than a FaceBook Share button. If you prefer, you could use both. It would skew the results of any polling algorithms to count how many people like your website in FaceBook, but according to Matt Cutts (a Senior Google employee), Google does not use FaceBook Likes or Shares as a metric when determining Page Rank.

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