What Is The Difference Between PCL5e PCL6 and PostScript Drivers?

Ever wondered what the difference is between PCL5e, PCL6 and PostScript printer drivers is? Should you use PCL5e, PCL6 or PS drivers? The main difference between PCL5e, PCL6 and PostScript drivers is age and spool size.

PCL6 drivers are newer than PCL5e drivers, spool faster and result in smaller print jobs. PostScript drivers are basically a different engine, but spool quickly and have small print jobs. The best option when given the choice between PCL5e, PCL6 and PS drivers is PCL6 because it offers the smallest and fastest print job. The second best option is PostScript and the worst choice is PCL5e.

There are some cases where you might need to use PS or PCL5e. Typically this is if the application you are printing from doesn’t support PCL6. To decide which printer driver to use, start with PCL6 and test printing from all your applications. If an application doesn’t work with PCL6, you may need to revert to PS and if it still doesn’t work, you may need to use PCL5e. Not all applications will work with all drivers, so you may end up with a scenario that involves installing multiple drivers for different applications.

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