What Causes Yellow Spots On Leaves?

Recently my spinach plant died from having yellow spots on the leaves. I thought this was because I’d over watered it, but the infections spread to the adjacent hops vine, which now has yellow spots on the leaves. I thought I’d better find out what causes yellow spots on leaves and how to stop yellow spots occuring on the leaves of other plants.

It seems the main cause of yellow spots on leaves is over watering plants, magnessium or nitrogen defficiency or an infection (either parasitic or otherwise). It was clear that my plant wasn’t suffering from a defficiency of minerals because it hadn’t been potted that long ago and was planted into soil from a grow bag. It was a safe guess that it hadn’t been over watered because the yellow spots spread from one plant to another. Clearly I was dealing with an infection. I checked the bottoms of the leaves and found tiny black specks under the leaves, my infection and the cause of the yellow spots was parasites 🙁

This news was particularly disappointing because I had lost my spinach to parasites when I was certain I just needed to allow the plan to dry out. Fortunately I will not lost my hops plan in the same way.

Dealing with parasites in this case is particularly frustrating because the plant is indoors so that I specifically don’t have to pour chemicals on it to deal with bugs. Unfortunately this also means that any bugs that do blossom on the plant are safely seperated from any natural preditors that may have otherwise helped the plant.

In the end, I decided to buy some bug spray to clear up the parasites and yellow spots on the leaves 🙁

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