Website Not Working In Internet Explorer But Works In Firefox

Sometimes you may have a website that works in Firefox, but not in Internet Explorer. Here are some common reasons why a website might not be working in Internet Explorer but works fine in Firefox:

  1. The webserver may have an underscore (_) in it’s name. Although DNS has come a long way in the past years and allows for many special characters in computer names, underscores are not supported in web server names. This scenario can stop a website working in Internet Explorer, where Firefox is happy to load the website, particularly where cookies are concerned
  2. There may be some component that is not supported or installed on IE, that is on Firefox. This might include a flash component or some other plugin
  3. There may be a setting in Internet Explorer that’s stopping it working. Try adding the website to IE’s safe sites list and dropping the security right down to work out what the website needs to run
  4. Maybe there’s a problem with the website’s code. Try validating the website in w3c to ensure that the code is html compliant

As I pickup more reasons for websites to work in Firefox but not IE, I will add to this list. However, if you are having a specific problem with an error message, please feel free to post a comment below and I will try to help you if I have time.

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