Warning BCU Return Value Real=”16″ Translated=”16″

If you get the this message when trying to get the BIOS config using the HP BIOS Config Utility:

<Warning msg=”BCU return value” real=”16″ translated=”16″ />

bcu return value real 16, translated 16 means that the file could not be read or more specifically, the BIOS config could not be read. To fix this, reboot the computer and copy the HP BIOS Config Utility to the computers local storage (Running the HP BIOS Config Utility from the network can give you the BCU return value real=16 warning). Run the command prompt as an administrator of the computer and make sure that the location you are writing the BIOS config file to is writable to the administrator account and also on the same local storage.

This should fix the BCU return value real=16 warning.

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