vSphere Could Not Open The Client Device

When trying to connect your local disk (CD/DVD) drive to a VM in vSphere Client, you can get the following error message:

Remote device connection

Could not open the client device “DriveLetter:”. It is being used by another virtual machine or some other program.

This is caused by the device being used by another virtual machine or by modifications to your operating systems usage of the local CD/DVD device (hence the some other program part of the error).

To fix this you can either change the way your other program manages the CD/DVD device or in the vSphere Client, open a console view to the VM, click VM -> Edit Settings… -> Select CD/DVD drive -> then under Mode, select Emulate IDE. You should now be able to connect to your local disk without the Could not open the client device error.

Note that my research on the internet showed that running the VMware vSphere Client as an Administrator fixed this error for some people.

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3 thoughts on “vSphere Could Not Open The Client Device

  1. Good afternoon ….

    Many of your comments are valid, in my case I solved the problem by removing the CD from the virtual machine I have in VMPlayer, happens when we let so (any type of emulation), ESXi decision and not let go, so when we will share from the Share is taken …. try and let me know … It worked for me.

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  2. Wish I could say it did. Wish I could say I hadn’t tried it already. This issue just started with this VM. I’ve deleted it and started over about a half dozen times methodically trying different things each time. Yesterday I built a VM to the same specs and had no issues at all with it connecting to my DVD drive. It will connect to any other existing VM with no problem. ALl settings on new one are exactly the same as on the existing ones. Anything else you can think of that might fix the issue would be appreciated greatly.

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  3. If he’s right, I thought that previous post had solved the problem, but it is not. But with the failure to achieve. The failure is a parameter in the CD drive… Either in the VM Player, vSphere Workstation or in st…. In device status and placed the two checks in the other field you must put “Use host device” I brought under control thereby fails

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