Vegetarian Kofta Fajitas With Tzatziki Sauce Recipe

I sometimes buy fajita bread to make recipes to use up leftovers, but ironically never manage to use all the fajitas and end up throwing most of them out. Consequently I decided to make a few fajita recipes so I have a few ideas up my sleeve for the next time I buy fajitas. πŸ™‚

Every now and then I do an experimental recipe, which is exactly what my vegetarian kofts fajitas with tzatziki sauce is. My experimental recipes are usually either a massive success or a massive failure, more often than not the latter is a better descriptor. In this case it was a big hit (although it’s hard to go wrong with fajitas).

I took the ingredients for the tzatziki sauce from the back of a packet, so no credit there. But the vegetarian kofta recipe is my making.

Tzatziki Sauce Recipe

  • Home made Greek yoghurt
  • Telegraph cucumber
  • Garlic salt

Shred the cucumber and mix all of the above together and put in the fridge for a short while. If you like your tzatziki to be fresh and zingy then use more cucumber and yoghurt. If you like your tzatziki sauce to have a rounder / warmer flavour then add more garlic.

Tzatziki can be used as either a sauce or a dip.

Vegetarian Kofta Recipe

  • A can of mixed beans
  • Couscous
  • Lentils
  • Split peas
  • Pearled barley
  • Garlic salt
  • Oil
  • Sesame seeds
  • Spicy dukkah
  • Madras curry powder
  • Cajun spice
  • Half a lemon

I actually bought the lentils, split peas and pearled barley as a dried ingredients soup pack, because it was cheaper and convenient. So the first thing I did was to rehydrate the soup pack in a small amount of boiling water with a few drops of oil.

Once the lentils, split peas and pealed barley were soft, I added the couscous and mixture of beans (4 varieties).

Once these were cooked, I added the spice and lemon juice and mashed the mixture before making it into balls or vegetarian kofta sausages.

Serving Vegetarian Kofta Fajitas With Tzatziki Sauce

After following the above recipes, you will have your kofta (which will be either in ball or sausage shapes) and tzatziki sauce. To serve, put some lettuce, shaved carrot and fried onions on fajitas, put your vegetarian kofta on top with some tzatziki sauce on before wrapping up your fajita.

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5 thoughts on “Vegetarian Kofta Fajitas With Tzatziki Sauce Recipe

  1. Those sound great, I haven’t made fajitas or used couscous in a while.

    My experimental recipes are usually either a massive success or a massive failure, more often than not the latter is a better descriptor.

    I had to chuckle at this, since I’ve experienced that also, not so much anymore but when I bomb… I do miss the mark. These sound great.

    Just a thought but you might want to join This month is VeganMoFo month…

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    • Hey Opal, thanks for the tip. I checked that out. For a vegan website, they sure do make a lot of meat / animal shapes with food! πŸ˜‰

      Personally, I’m actually not a vegetarian / vegan in any way. It just happens that I tend to make these sorts of meals because it’s what I can think of at the time. I’m actually *trying* to make myself eat more meat because I think it’s healthy to eat meat a couple of times a week.

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      • Oh I know that, I remember you said you weren’t, but you do have a lot of veggie friendly options, so it’s a nice way for you to join up with this months blog hopping… if you’re into that sort of stuff.

        I really should post recipes, I used to have a site devoted to raw foods and vegan cuisine, I might hunt through those archives and post a few on my site… or I could just start taking photos and writing down what I make. My issue is, the meals I make are so simple that I don’t think many would be interested. I should stop thinking that way, since my veggie site was very popular.

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        • I think that people love simple recipes. I think that half the problem people have, is finding a healthy recipe that lazy people can cook. I’m sure the internet is just full of lazy people looking for something quick and healthy, people interested in baking and guys who never normally cook, looking for fancy recipes to impress a girl lol

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