Veeam – Sensor “VMware Rollup Health State” equal Unknown

Veeam Monitor is a great free utility for monitoring VMware (ESXi and vSphere), but there is a bug where ESXi reports its health state but Veeam Monitor doesn’t read it properly and returns the warning or error:

Sensor “VMware Rollup Health State” equal Unknown

This is a false alarm in a sense because it can happen even if the server is health. On the Veeam forum there is a post suggesting that you can do the following workaround:

  1. Disable EVC on cluster
  2. vMotion machines over to another ESXi server
  3. Put the ESXi server that reports “VMware Rollup Health State Unknown into maintenance mode
  4. Remove the ESXi server from the cluster
  5. Log into the ESXi server from the console and restart the management agents
  6. Reconnect the ESXi host to vCenter / cluster
  7. Re-enable EVC

However, I found that this didn’t work for me and as the ESXi hosts are at 80% memory usage, there’s not enough room to vMotion the VMs to another ESXi host so I can’t do a cheeky reboot :(

What I did to get around the issue was go into the rules for the alarm and disable alerting when the VMware Rollup health state is equal to unknown. Of course this isn’t going to fix the problem, but it gives me a workaround so I don’t have to disable the alarm for ESXi hosts that work correctly just to get rid of some spam that tells me it can’t alert properly.

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