Unable To Release Print From Follow-You Queue In Equitrac

You may find that you are unable to release an Equitrac print job from a Follow-You queue on a printer. If you can’t release a Follow-You print job, you might need to ensure that the Equitrac service has full rights to the printer.

To fix this, open the Equitrac Print Server and right click the printer. Click on the Security tab and add the Equitrac service account, giving full rights (Print, Manage this printer and Manage documents). This will then enable you to release jobs from the Follow-You queue.

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One thought on “Unable To Release Print From Follow-You Queue In Equitrac

  1. Thanks, but what if the printers were functioning well until an incident like this happened. You can see the print jobs in the queue but you cannot release it.
    I really need help.

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