Unable To Connect To ShadowProtect License Server | Windows 8

If you are trying to connect to the ShadowProtect License Server service running on a Windows 8 PC, but are unable to connect, then you probably need to create a firewall exception for port 20248. To create a firewall port exception in Windows 8:

1. Go to the Control Panel (Charms bar – > Settings -> Control Panel)
2. Click Windows Firewall
3. Click Advanced Settings
4. Right click Inbound Rules
5. Right click Inbound Rules
6. Click New Rule
7. Select Port, then Next
8. TCP, Specific local ports: 20248, then Next
9. Allow the connection
10. Select the relevant domain(s), Then Next
11. Name the rule, then click Next

Once you’ve created a firewall exception for the port, ShadowProtect should be able to connect to the ShadowProtect License Server.

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