Trend Micro OfficeScan Master Service Was Stopped. Start Service And Try Again – Windows Server 2012

If you’ve installed Trend Micro OfficeScan 10.6, SP1 Console onto Windows Server 2012, you will probably get this error when you try to log into the console:

OfficeScan Master Service was stopped. Start service and try again.

When you start the OfficeScan service and try to log in, the service stops and you get the same OfficeScan Master Service was stopped error.

It seems that this is an incompatibility with Windows Server 2012 and the Trend Micro OfficeScan Console. Trend Micro OfficeScan SP2 touts Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 support, but when you try to install SP2 on a 2012 server, it says:

Installation Failed!

I’ve tried reinstalling Trend Micro OfficeScan with Apache as the web server instead of IIS to see if it was an incompatibility with the new version of IIS that comes with Windows Server 2012, but still got the same OfficeScan Master Service was stopped error. I also tried firefox to see if the error was being caused by an incompatibility between the ActiveX control and the IE10 which ships with Server 2012 to see if that was causing the error but just got an error saying that Trend Micro only supports IE7 or above. Finally, I tried using IE9, which I know is able to run Trend Micro’s OfficeScan Console without reporting that the service has stopped. This didn’t work either.

I read that if you ensure that the OfficeScan Master service has stopped then kill the dbserver.exe process, you can then delete the files in the \Trend Micro\OfficeScan\PCCSRV\HTTPDB\ directory and restart the OfficeScan Master service to recreate the database and remove any corruptions causing the service to stop. This didn’t work for me.

It seems that although Trend Micro OfficeScan antivirus client is supported on Windows Server 2012, the OfficeScan Console is not. I have found no workaround and there’s nothing on Trend Micro’s website stating that it is supported.

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