The File Contains Objects That Do Not Match The Program Criteria – Certificate Import Wizard

When trying to import a certificate file (possibly via group policy object), you may get this error:

Certificate Import Wizard

The file contains objects that do not match the program’s criteria. Specify another file.

This is because the certificate store you are trying to store the certificate in does not accept certificates of that type. For example, if you are trying to install a .pfx file into the Enterprise Trust (despite it being listed on the Certificate Import Wizard as an appropriate type), it won’t work. You need a STL or SST file for Enterprise Trust.

To fix the file contains objects that do not match the program’s criteria error, if you have a CER, CRT, SST, SPC, P7B, PFX or P12 certificate, try importing it to the Trusted Root Certificate store instead, or obtain the correct type of certificate file for the certificate store you want to use.

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