Should I Use Google Analytics For My Blog?

Trying to decide whether to use Google Analytics for your blog? Here’s why you should always use Google Analytics even if you aren’t interested in your blogs stats and why you should start using it straight away:

Google Analytics tells you how many people visited your blog and demographic and behavioural information about those visitors.

  1. If your blog becomes successful (yes, it can happen even though you’re not expecting it) and gets lots of visitors, you can start making some serious money on advertising. Having Google Analytics enabled on your blog means that if in the future you decide to sell your blog, there will be authenticated statistics about the traffic. Why authenticated? Because many platforms for selling websites are able to connect to Google Analytics to verify your traffic. This increases buyer confidence and means your blog will sell for more money. Also, having these verified statistics means that you can approach independent advertisers directly and get a better rate for your adverts, compared to using a broker. So to summarise point 1, you should use Google Analytics for your blog because it increases the value of the blog
  2. Google Analytics doesn’t slow your blog down and is free to use. The data could even be used by Google to rate your blog based on traffic from other sources and returning visitors… So there may be some unknown SEO benefit
  3. You should use Google Analytics on your blog because you can see what makes visitors leave the website and how they navigate the blog once they arrive. This can tell you what people are interested in and maybe even give you clues about why they’re interested in certain blog posts. This will help you write a better blog with more readership. Another way to increase the value of your blog
  4. It takes a free minutes to set up and can be coded into your website using plugins such as All in One SEO Pack (a plugin that you should already have on your blog anyway), so it’s simple to set up.

So, in summary: Should you use Google Analytics on your blog? Yes, why on earth wouldn’t you?!

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