Screen Resolution Keeps Reverting Back

Do you find that after changing the screen resolution, it keeps reverting back to the old resolution? To stop the screen resolution reverting back after you change it:

Immediately after changing the resolution, click on the Control Panel icon in the Task Bar. The Control Panel icon should already be there, because you will have used it to change the resolution in the first place. If it’s not there, press AltTab. If it’s still not there, try restarting your computer, then close all open windows before changing the screen resolution.

You will then get a button to click that says Keep Changes. If you don’t click this within 30 seconds, the screen resolution will revert back.

In certain circumstances, your screen resolution may revert back without giving you the option to click this button or revert back after clicking the button. In this case, you have probably chosen a screen resolution that is not supported by your monitor, or are not running the most up to date monitor driver.

To fix this, check your manufacturers documentation to see what screen resolutions your monitor supports and download the latest monitor driver from the manufacturers website. This should stop your screen resolution from reverting back to the previous screen resolution.

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