Printer Tray 2 Missing – Unable to Print

You may find that you are unable to print to tray 2 because it’s missing. If tray 2 is missing from your printer driver, you will need to add it. To do this, log onto the Print Server as an administrator and open the properties of the printer. Next go to the Accessories tab and tick the box for Tray 2. If the Tray 2 option is missing, you may have an incorrect printer driver. In which case you may need to either select the correct printer type on the bottom of the accessories tab (you can also try the auto option to query the printer directly), or you can install an new printer driver for the printer. Once this is done, you should be able to select the missing tray 2 on the Accessories tab, which will enable users to print to tray 2 🙂

If, despite the above, tray 2 is still missing from your printer, you may need to enable the setting on the printer itself. Log onto the physical printer and ensure that tray 2 is setup in the printer, before adding the missing tray 2 to the driver.

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