Print Cluster Not Showing A List Of Printers

If your print cluster is not showing the list of printers, you might be connecting to it incorrectly. To show printers on a print cluster:

On a Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2003 R2 Print Cluster, you need to view the printers through the Print Management tool (Start -> Administrative Tools -> Print Management). Expand Print Server, then the print cluster, then click on Printers. If it still isn’t showing the list of printers, you might have connected to a node in the print cluster, rather than the print cluster itself. Right click Print Servers and click Add/Remove Servers… then add the name of the print cluster and try again.

On a Windows Server 2008 (or above) print cluster, you need to go to Failover Cluster Manager (Start -> Administrative Tools -> Failover Cluster Manager), select the cluster, expand Services, select the print server cluster and click Manage Printers (on the right hand action pane). This will show a list of printers on the print cluster.

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