PHP-CGI Causes High CPU Usage (100% Utilization)

When running php-cgi on an IIS server, the CPU maxes out at 100% utilization. To fix the high CPU usage from php-cgi:

  1. On the IIS server, launch IIS Manager
  2. Select the website running php-cgi that is causing the high CPU usage
  3. Under IIS, double click on FastCGI Settings
  4. Click on the php-cgi.exe setting listed
  5. This opens an option in the Actions menu on the right, called Edit…
  6. Click Edit…
  7. Change the Max Instances setting under General to 1

This will mean that php-cgi can only launch one instance at a time and will therefore not cause high CPU. You may wish to increase the number of max instances of php-cgi to increase performance of the website, up to the point before the server is hitting 100% CPU.

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