FaceBook Like Button Not Working

My FaceBook Like button isn’t working on my website. When people click Like, it doesn’t share the website in their FaceBook account.

To fix this, either change your FaceBook Like plugin to one that works or correct the Like button code. Basically, if you find that your FaceBook Like button isn’t working, it’s probably because you’re using the HTML 5 Like code and your browser doesn’t support HTML 5 yet, or you have some other code that’s not working. To fix this, visit FaceBook’s Like button debugging page and enter your URL to get a list of erroneous code that may be stopping your Like button from working.

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What Is The Difference Between The FaceBook Like Vs Share Button?

FaceBook have a Like button and a Share button, but what is the difference? Also, should you put a FaceBook Like or FaceBook Share button on your website, or both? Looking at the difference between the Like and Share button, it should be fairly obvious which you should use for your website. Basically FaceBook produced a Like button as a way to count how many people Like something and also to share it with others. FaceBook produced the Share button to simply share something. Therefore, you should use a FaceBook Like button, rather than a FaceBook Share button. If you prefer, you could use both. It would skew the results of any polling algorithms to count how many people like your website in FaceBook, but according to Matt Cutts (a Senior Google employee), Google does not use FaceBook Likes or Shares as a metric when determining Page Rank.

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How To Get A List Of Members Of An AD Group Using DSQuery & DSGet

If you need to get a list of members of agroup in AD, you can run a command to pipe this list into a text file. Here’s how to get a list of members of a group in AD using the command line:

dsquery group -name “name of group” | dsget group -members > C:\Temp\List.txt

The list will be in a format that is used by the DSQuery set of tools. If you need the list as a list of users only (and no information about where the users are in AD), then open the list in Notepad and use Find and Replace (Ctrl+H) to find the data that you don’t need and replace it with nothing.

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How To Increase Google Adsense CPC (WordPress Blogs Only)

If you have a WordPress blog, did you know that Google have produced a plugin that increases your CPC of your Adsense adverts? The WP plugin increases your Adsense CPC by displaying responsive adverts instead of fixed size adverts. So, instead of manually inserting a 250×250 rectangle to fit your theme design, the plugin will analyse your WordPress theme and propose places that you can insert ads. You then choose 3 places to put ads (which is the most ads you can display per page with Google Adsense) and the plugin will automatically display the advert size that currently has the highest paying CPC.

This not only increases your CPC but also your CTR. This is because when adverts aren’t responsive (moving on the page and different sizes), returning users get used to their positions and subconsciously ignore them.

The plugin is called Google Publisher (currently in Beta, but works perfectly).

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How To Run Device Manager As Administrator In Windows 7

Annoyingly Windows 7 doesn’t allow you to right click Device Manager and gives no option to Run as administrator. To fix this, in the Search Programs and Files box type devmgmt.msc. You can then hold shift and right click the program it finds to run Device Manager as an administrator.

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Get 10% Off A Surface Pro

This year TechEd NZ are giving away a voucher for 10% off the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and I’m giving away my TechEd voucher. Here’s the Surface Pro 3 voucher code:


To redeem the voucher, go to microsoftstore.co.nz, order a Surface Pro 3 and enter the voucher code after clicking Checkout. There’s only one voucher available and it’s first come, first served so make sure you share this article in FaceBook, Google +1 and email it to anyone who might be interested in 10% off the brand new Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

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Error Code: 502 Proxy Error. Forefront TMG Denied The Specified URL 12202

When trying to view a webpage, you TMG gives error 502:

Error Code: 502 Proxy Error. Forefront TMG denied the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL). (12202)

Explanation: There is a problem with the page you are trying to reach and it cannot be displayed.

This error code is a little confusing because it says that TMG denied the URL, when actually the friendly explaination is actually correct – There is a problem with the page you are trying to reach. TMG gives this 502 Proxy Error when the website you are trying to reach is down!

You can confirm this by using another network connection (such as your mobile phone) to try to reach the website.

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11n-only Is Unsupported With TKIP Encryption Enabled – TP Link TD-W8968

When setting your TP Link TD-W8968 to use 11n-only (rather than mixed mode), you get:

11n-only is unsupported with TKIP encryption enabled

This is, as the message suggests, because 11n doesn’t support TKIP on your router.

To fix this, navigate to Wireless -> Wireless Security and change the encryption to AES. You should now be able to enable 11n, instead of mixed mode without the router complaining that 11n-only doesn’t support TKIP encryption.

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Connected To WiFi But Unable To Ping Router

I’m able to connect to my WiFi, but unable to ping my router. If you’re able to connect to the WiFi SSID, but get a Request timed out when you ping the router and this is happening on multiple devices / PCs, then you might want to try forcing the use of AES encryption on your router if you’re using Wireless N. Alternatively, try ensuring that you only use wireless N, rather than mixed mode.

I believe this happens because you are connecting using something other than wireless N and your router does not support the use of TKIP with wireless N, then your PC tries to switch to wireless N and tries to keep using TKIP; Hence the reason you are connected to the WiFi but unable to ping the router.

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Our Systems Have Detected Unusual Traffic From Your Computer Network – Google

When searching Google, you get:

Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network…

This means that Google has detected traffic from a bot (perhaps virus) that is searching Google on your computer network. It’s important to be aware that this does not necessarily mean that there’s a bot / virus on your computer network, it could be any computer that shares you ISP (since this is the external IP address that Google sees).

To fix the detection of unusual traffic, run an antivirus scan on all the computers on your network (that you control). Follow the usual steps to check for viruses, like making sure that your antivirus software is up to date, working and that you have all the Windows Updates installed on your computer(s). Once you’ve done this, enter the code for the captcha to proceed.

You may later get the Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network message again, but at least in future you will know that it’s not a problem with your computer and hopefully your ISP will sort the problem out soon by blocking the user with the virus / bot network.

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