OWA Doesn’t Work With IE 11 – FIX

Do you find that OWA doesn’t work with IE 11? When you use OWA with Internet Explorer 11, by default it only loads OWA lite. To fix Outlook Web Access with IE 11, simply add your OWA to the IE 11 compatibility view settings. To do this:

  1. Open IE 11 and press the Alt key
  2. The Tools menu will then appear
  3. Click Tools -> Compatibility View Settings
  4. Add the OWA website URL (you may need to use the wildcard symbol, * to enter the URL below the top level domain) and click Add -> OK

Alternative, if this doesn’t work, add your OWA URL to the Intranet Zone and set the security settings in IE 11’s Intranet Zone to use compatibility view (not the prefered solution, because this affects all intranet websites).

Obviously if you are an enterprise administrator, you may wish to do the above through group policy so all users can use OWA with Internet Explorer 11 😉

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