Outlook 2010 Search From Greyed Out

You may find that the FromSubject and other Refine search buttons are greyed out in Outlook. To fix the from (and other) buttons from being greyed out, either:

Both options will fix the Refine buttons from being greyed out in Outlook’s search, but the first option will have less impact to the user. This is because you won’t have to set everything up again. To change Outlook cached mode:

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click File -> Account Settings -> Account Settings
  3. Select the account you are having trouble searching in and click Change… (Note that this is not the same as Change Folder!)
  4. Click on the Use Cached Exchange Mode tick box
  5. Click Next, etc…

Cached mode will now be changed and the From button and others will no longer be greyed out in Outlook’s search facility.

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