Nslookup Shows The Wrong DNS Server

If you have set the DNS server’s IP address on a network card, but when you do an nslookup, it’s defaulting to the wrong DNS server, it may be that the erroneous DNS server IP address is in the registry.

To fix this, start regedit (Start -> Run, typeregedit and hit enter) and navigate to:


If the NameServer record shows the wrong DNS server, delete the NameServer record. Then right click on the network card and click Repair (or Troubleshoot if you are using Windows Vista or above).

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    • No problem. It’s a bit of an odd one. I guess it must have a DNS client program that doesn’t necessarily get updated by changes to DNS server settings on the network card. Seems like a bug. Nslookup must use this DNS client program’s wrong DNS server settings rather than read them from the network card 🙁

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