NetApp – LUN Resize New Size Exceeds This LUN’s Initial Geometry

On a NetApp SAN, you may find that you’re unable to resize a LUN and get the following error:

Lun resize: New size exceeds this lun’s initial geometry

This is due to a legacy restriction in the SCSI protocol (rather than a NetApp restriction). Roughly speaking, you can only resize a LUN to increase it’s size by about ten times it’s initial size (hence the initial geometry part of the error).

There’s no fix for this, but you can get around this by creating a new LUN with a larger initial size and copying data to it using DataMotion or SnapMirror.

If you absolutely have your heart set on resizing your LUN, the table below shows you how much you can resize it before exceeding the LUN’s initial geometry restriction:

Initial Size Maximum Size
< 50GB 502GB
51-100GB 1004GB
101-150GB 1506GB
151-200GB 2008GB
201-251GB 2510GB
252-301GB 3012GB
302-351GB 3514GB
352-401GB 4016GB
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