NET USE Command – System Error 67 Has Occurred

When using the net use command, you can get this error:

System error 67 has occurred.

The network name cannot be found.

This error can arise in a number of different scenarios, I will try to list as many as possible here and their causes / fixes. If you have another issue that’s causing error 67, please add a comment and I will try to help you.

  1. The command net use h causes system error 67, when you’re trying to get drive mapping information about the H:\ drive. This is because you’ve neglected to add a colon to the end of the drive letter. Try again with the command net use h:
  2. When trying to map a network printer using net use, you get error 67, the network name cannot be found. This is most likely because there is a network issue connecting to the printer. Troubleshoot the network error with the printer to fix the error
  3. Unable to map network drives with net use. In this case, the error is possibly caused because you’ve invalidly formatted the net use command (Check that you’ve added a colon to the end of the drive letter without a trailing \ and that there is no trailing \ at the end of the unc path). The other main cause of the error is because the network name cannot be found – in other words, the unc share cannot be connected to. Try navigating to the unc share you are trying to map the network drive to, if you are unable to connect to the unc share, check the server, permissions, etc…
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