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About a month ago I lost a good number of my backlinks and about one 3rd of them weren’t showing up in Google Webmaster Tools. I did some research at the time to find out why my backlinks were not showing up and found the following theories:

  • Google’s algorithms change causing backlinks to be invalidated, which can explain why all backlinks do not always show up in Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google’s indexing gets muddled every now and then and after a bit of time all the backlinks that are not showing up will come back
  • Websites linking to my website have removed the links (Unlikely that all would do so simultaneously)

There were a few other theories why people’s backlinks are not showing up, but the idea that Google would change their algorithm seemed to be the most likely at the time. So I went about generating some backlinks manually to get back to where I was with my SEO.

About a month later, I’ve noticed that all my backlinks are now showing up. It seems that the theory that Google’s indexing gets muddled was the reason for me.

To anyone reading this in a similar situation, I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t panic because I can’t guarantee that all your backlinks will come back next month… But it’s a possibility.

If a chunk of your backlinks are not showing up in Google Webmaster Tools, then you need to be objective and make a plan. Consider this:

  1. Has any blackhat SEO been done on my site? If you’ve lost all your backlinks, you may be being penalised by Google for something you or someone else has done. Try searching for your URL in Google (put quotes around it) to see who’s linking to you
  2. If you are generating backlinks yourself, has the strategy you are using become ineffective? For example, if you have a bot that generates backlinks in comment fields of CMS websites, perhaps a major CMS has released an update to remove these?
  3. Have you done something that makes other webmasters not want to link to you anymore?
  4. Assuming that your backlinks are gone forever, perhaps you should make a plan to get back to where you were or you might consider employing an SEO professional to help you
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