Microsoft Excel Removes Leading Zeros

When entering numbers starting with zero, such as a telephone number into Microsoft Excel, Excel removes the leading zeros.

By default, Excel formats cells containing characters from 0 to 9 as a number, yet not all numbers are numbers 🙂 For example, a telephone number is not a number, because you can’t perform arithmatic on it. In the case of a telephone number, it’s not invalid to have it start with a zero. Another example of a number not being a number is a product serial number, for the same reasons. Because Excel is a spreadsheet software, it assumes that you will be performing arithmatic on numbers entered and therefore formats them correctly so they can have mathematics applied to them – on aspect of this is by removing leading zeros.

How To Stop Excel Removing Leading Zeros Of Numbers

To stop Excel removing leading zeros, right click the cell with the number in it and click Format Cells… Then under the number tab, select Text then click OK. This will store the number as text and stop Excel removing the leading zero.

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