Kumara and Carrot Mash

Today I made kumara and carrot mash. The recipe just came to me as my friend was preparing a meal for some friends and was standing there with a baked kumara, some carrots and no ideas for a recipe to serve them.


  • Kumara
  • Carrot
  • Onion
  • Herbs and Spices (Turmeric, Chillies Powder, Oregano, Salt, Pepper)


  1. Bake the kumara
  2. Chop and fry the onion
  3. Mash the kumara
  4. grate the carrot into the kumara, then add the onion, herbs and spices (don’t go to heavy on the turmeric!)

Done – Kumara and carrot mash ready to serve hot! This isn’t so much as a main course recipe, but more something to eat as part of a main course.

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