Jammy Sweet Bread Recipe

This is a unique recipe I’ve just created, for what I am naming Jammy Sweet Bread. It’s basically a very sugary dough with caramelised sugar marbling and layers of jam.

To make Jammy Sweet Bread, use approximately 1/3 sugar, 2/3 plain flour and mix with half a cup of warm water (that’s had bakers yeast and sugar sitting in it for 10 minutes to activate the yeast). Kneed the dough, sprinkling sugar as you go. It is a very sticky dough recipe because of the sugar. You will want to add more flour; don’t add more flour, just keep piling on the sugar!

Once the dough has been kneeded, roll it out flat, sprinkle sugar and fold over. Keep doing this to get lots of layers of sugar throughout (don’t add crazy amounts of sugar, a moderate sprinkling is enough). Now do the same with jam (I used boysenberry jam). Only do 2 or 3 layers of jam because it starts to seem out. Again, you don’t need to add much jam. In the final layer of jam, add lots of sugar to the jam to give it a sandy texture.

Once you’ve made the jammy sweet bread dough, dust a pizza tray with flour and put the jammy sweet bread ontop. Cover it up and put it somewhere warm and ant free for a couple of hours to rise.

Once the sweet bread dough has risen, bake it at 180 degrees Celsius for about 40 minutes (or until it looks done).

Allow the jammy sweet bread dough to cool, slice up and eat 😀

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