Interactive Console Applications Are Not Supported – PowerShell ISE

When trying to run command prompt commands from PowerShell ISE, you get the following error:

Cannot start “nslookup”. Interactive console applications are not supported.

To run the application, use the Start-Process cmdlet or use “Start PowerShell.exe” from the File menu.

To view/modify the list of blocked console applications, use $psUnsupportedConsoleApplications, or consult online help.

Although PowerShell ISE tells you that Interactive console applications are not supported, actually they are… Well sort of. One of the differences between PowerShell and PowerShell ISE is that PowerShell ISE cannot run interactive console applications (command prompt commands that require user input), this is because PowerShell ISE can’t take console input when running an application. To see a list of interactive console commands PowerShell ISE cannot run, type:


You can add or remove applications to or from list list with the following commands:

$psUnsupportedConsoleApplications.Remove(‘Interactive Console App Name’)

$psUnsupportedConsoleApplications.Add(‘Interactive Console App Name’)

Unfortunately, removing the application from the list doesn’t make it work – it will hang when it gets to the point where it requires console interaction from the user.

How To Run Unsupported Interactive Console Applications In PowerShell ISE

So, enough additional information… If you get the Interactive console applications are not supported error when trying to run commands from PowerShell ISE, simply type Start before it. For example:

Start nslookup

This will launch the nslookup command from the PowerShell ISE, giving you a command prompt interface. If you really want to run it within PowerShell, you can start PowerShell (Shortcut Ctrl + Shift + P) in PowerShell ISE, which is able to run interactive console applications 🙂

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