IIS Website Only Works Locally On The Localhost Of The Server

Here’s a common IIS problem: You create a website, which works locally on the server, but not remotely from another computer. If an IIS website only works on the localhost, it’s likely that port 80 (or whichever port you are using to host the website on the local server) is blocked by the Windows Firewall.

Unblock port 80 (or other) incoming on the Windows firewall and try accessing the IIS website again from another computer.

Addendum: This is assuming that there is no 404 page or other error message and you are able to ping the server (to identify that there is no network problem). It is possible if you get a permission denied error that you have not enabled anonymous access on the website or do not have the appropriate credentials to access the website. Also, it’s possible that the wrong credentials are cached, so clear any cached passwords for the site in Control Panel -> Users and clear the web browser if required.

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