Ice-Cream Crumble

Another unhealthy dessert recipe. I’d really hoped to use this website for recording innovative & tasty ways to eat 5 a day, but here goes: A great way to improve any ice-cream. The recipe basically involves making a crumble mix (made from flour, not oats and extra sugar), breaking the crumble mix into small bits and mixing it with melted ice-cream. No real need for an ice-cream recipe because it works well with shop bought ice-cream and no real big need to give a crumble recipe because I’m sure the folks advertising on this site will provide one… Go ahead, build some advert revenue for me :)

For those that already know how to do a crumble mix but just need a quick reminder, just mix plain flour, plenty of sugar and some butter to get the right texture. Bake in the oven for about half an hour. Break it up into little tiny crumble pieces when done.


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