HP z420 – Flashing Red Power Button

When an HP z420 PC won’t start, the power button flashes red and the PC beeps. The red flashing power button means different things depending on the number of beeps. Here’s what the flashes mean:

Power button flashes red and beeps 4 times
Power Supply
Power button flashes red and beeps 5 times
Power button flashes red and beeps 6 times
Video Card or Graphics
Power button flashes red and beeps 7 times
Motherboard or System Board failure
Power button flashes red and beeps 8 times
BIOS or CMOS problem (ROM)

To fix most of these errors, you can just power off then take out the appropriate component. For example, if the power button is flashing red 6 times and giving 6 beeps, then the issue is with the graphics card. To fix this, remove the power to the HP z420 PC, open the case, disconnect the power to the graphics card and remove the card from the motherboard. Wait a minute before connecting it all back up again and restart the computer. This trick also works with memory and motherboards (just disconnect everything, then reconnect it).

❗ Don’t forget to ensure the power is off and the power cable is removed when doing this!

The reason I give the graphics card example, is that the HP z420 seems quite prone to having graphics cards issues – the flashing red power button and beep code seems to happen every time the z420 losing power abruptly, even when not running an operating system 🙁

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