How To Upgrade The Firmware On A Polycom SoundStation Connect

Sometimes you need to upgrade firmware to fix issues with your Polycom SoundStation Connect. To upgrade the firmware on a Polycom SoundStation Connect:

  1. Power on and connect the Polycom SoundStation Connect to a PC
  2. After about 5 seconds, the mute button will flash green, when this happens press (and hold down) the volume up and down buttons until the mute button flashes red
  3. The Polycom SoundStation Connect should then appear on the PC as a removable drive
  4. Drag the firmware files (Uimage file) to the Polycom SoundStation Connect removable drive
  5. Right click the removable drive and click Eject
  6. The mute button will then light up solid red
  7. While the red mute button light is light up, the Polycom SoundStation Connect firmware upgrade is occuring. It’s very important not to disconnect the power while the upgrade is occuring
  8. After about 30 seconds, the mute button light will turn green. When this happens, the firmware upgrade is complete.
  9. Once the firmware upgrade is complete, power off the Polycom SoundStation Connect, wait 5 seconds and power it back on to complete the firmware upgrade
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