How To Update BIOS Settings On Multiple HP Computers

Need to update BIOS settings on multiple HP computers? You can update the BIOS settings on multiple HP computers using the HP BIOS Configuration Utility. To do this:

  1. Roll out the utility to the computers you want to update the BIOS settings on (using AD, Altaris, SCCM or some other deployment method)
  2. On a computer with the HP BIOS Configuration Utility installed, run the following command:

    BIOSConfigUtility.exe /get:<<Filename>>

  3. Edit the file created by the utility to set the BIOS settings that you would like to apply to all computers. Remove all other settings from the file other than the language specified on the first line and the settings you want to change
  4. Run the following command on the multiple computers whose BIOS you want to update (you might want to add this to a logon script or some other method)
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2 thoughts on “How To Update BIOS Settings On Multiple HP Computers

  1. And what is the command line to implement the config onto multiple computers?

    Does the BCU need to be installed onto each computer or can the command be run from a network share?

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    • Hi George,

      Now that you have the command line to update the BIOS on 1 HP PC, you can put that in a login script (via group policy) and have it run on multiple computers 😉

      The BCU does not need to be installed, its just an exe that runs.

      You can run it from a network location, but I have on occassion had problems with that. I recommend putting it into a computer based login script and storing the files as part of the GPO so they’re copied down and run automatically.

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