How To Stop Viber Stickers

Viber now has a feature called Viber Stickers, which you may want to stop your phone from downloading. Unfortunately the only way to stop Viber Stickers (at the time of writing) is to stop using Viber… I’ll update this article if Viber release a way to stop stickers.

The best thing to do to get Viber to give you a way to stop stickers, would be to petition Viber. If we all hassle them, they may give the option in a future release, though I doubt it because Viber Stickers are a revenue stream.

Hopefully this article will help people to save time looking for something that isn’t there. I look forward to updating this when Viber release a version that allows you to stop Viber Stickers!

P.S: Please don’t shoot the messenger 😉 and feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

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One thought on “How To Stop Viber Stickers

  1. Disappointing news. Thanks for the info though, definitely save me some time looking.
    I really wish viber will stop with the stickers.

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