How To Shutdown (Or Restart) Multiple Computers Remotely Using A Batch File

Here’s a really clever way to shutdown (or restart) multiple computers remotely using a batch file. It’s clever because it takes a list of computers from Excel and uses a batch file to shutdown or restart them remotely.

To shutdown multiple computers remotely:

  1. Create a list of computer in a column in Microsoft Excel
  2. In a call in the adjacent column, type (where the corresponding computer name is in cell A2):=CONCATENATE(“shutdown /m \\”, A1, ” /r /t 30″)
  3. Hover the mouse cursor over the bottom left corner of the cell. The cursor should turn into a + sign
  4. Click and drag the plus sign down to the bottom of the list of computers you want to shutdown. You will see the values change to make a list of commands, one for each computer in the list
  5. Copy the list of commands into a batch file, or simply paste the lot into a command prompt to shutdown the the list of multiple computers

❗ Note: To shutdown the computers without restarting them, remove the /r from the command in step 2.

❗ Note: You must run the command / batch file as an administrator who has permission to shutdown the computers remotely. Also, the batch file or command prompt must be run as administrator (Right click -> Run as administrator).

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