How To Share A Folder In A Hyper-V Virtual Machine With The Host

It’s not obvious how to share a folder between a Hyper-V VM and it’s host. Here’s how to setup a shared folder in a Hyper-V virtual machine to share with a Hyper-V host:

  1. Connect to the Hyper-V host that you want to share a folder with
  2. Launch Virtual Switch Manager
  3. Add a new Virtual Switch (or modify an existing one), setting the Connection Type to be on the Internal network
  4. Edit the VM that you want to create a shared folder on and add a network card, connecting to the new switch
  5. From within the VM, change the IP address of the new network connection to an IP address in the same subnet as the host you want to share your folder with
  6. You may need to edit the network connection’s properties (then click on the Sharing tab) to Allow other network users to connect though this computer’s Internet connection
  7. You may also have to allow File and Print Sharing in the Windows Firewall on the Hyper-V host so that the folder can be shared with the VM
  8. Finally, on the VM setup a shared folder (exactly how to create a shared folder will depend on the version of the operating system of the VM)

The shared folders on the VM should now be visible on the Hyper-V host.

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