How To Setup Exchange Email On Samsung Galaxy Tab (Tablet)

To sync a Samsung Galaxy Tab with an Exchange server, setup as follows:

  1. Click the applications list in the top right hand corner of the tablet to show all applications
  2. Find the “Email” application
  3. Enter the email address used by the Microsoft Exchange account
  4. Enter the password for the Exchange email account and hit next
  5. Choose Microsoft Exchange
  6. It will then incorrectly guess the username. Correct the username with the format domain\username
  7. Enter the Exchange Server’s external OWA address (just the domain part) and hit next
  8. Click OK and OK again
  9. Select the aspects of the Exchange Email you want to setup on the Samsung Galaxy Tablet (For example, select to sync the Exchange calendar with the tablet, how many days worth of emails to sync, etc…) and hit next
  10. Hit OK
  11. Name the Email Account (useful if you want to setup multiple email accounts on your Samsung Galaxy Tablet), then hit next
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