How To Restore A SharePoint Site

Sometimes you might need to restore a SharePoint site, without restoring all the SharePoint sites hosted by the server. To restore only one SharePoint site do the following:

  1. Start the SharePoint Central Administration site
  2. Click on Application Management
  3. Click on Content Databases
  4. Choose the SharePoint Site you wish to restore from the dropdown list on the top right (SharePoint calls them Web applications. Clicking on them will give you the names of the SharePoint sites)
  5. Make note of the name of the SQL database
  6. Click the Remove Content Database checkbox and click OK
  7. Restore the SQL database that you made note of earlier
  8. In the SharePoint Central Administration site, go back into  Application Management -> Content Databases and reselect the SharePoint site you want to restore
  9. Click Add to add a database to the SharePoint site and follow the instructions to add the database you just restored in SQL

The SharePoint site should now be restored. If you are having trouble with the web front-end of your SharePoint site, chances are you can just restore the whole SharePoint web server and you won’t lose any data. You will only lose data restoring the SharePoint web server if some development has happened that hasn’t been done in SharePoint Designer – in which case you’ll probably lose this data at some point anyway when SharePoint is patched.

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