How To Report Traffic To A Single Website On Exinda

Sometimes you might want to drill down in an Exinda traffic report to get more details about access to a specific website. To report traffic to a specific website on Exinda, you need to setup the website as a network object and report on the network object. To do this:

  1. Log onto Exinda
  2. Click on Objects -> Network
  3. Add a new network object with the IP addresses of the website (you can find these with the nslookup command in the command promt)
  4. Next click on Report, specifying the network object in the Subnet aspect of the report

Be aware of the limitations of this reporting, if other websites are hosted on the same IP address of the website you want to report on, traffic to these websites will erroneously come up in the report. If you want more accurate reporting on website access, Exinda is not the best technology to use.

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