How To Remove A Shower Stall

This article teaches you how to remove a shower stall. To remove a shower stall:

  1. Before removing anything from the shower stall, turn off the water supply
  2. Remove the shower mixer first. To do this, you usually have to remove the hot/cold marker with a screw driver. Under here you will find a slot for an Alan key. Undo the Alan key slot. Next remove the shower mixer plate with a screw driver. Remove any other parts around the plate before pulling the shower mixer off the wall
  3. Next remove the shower itself. This should be easy to remove after removing any screws (which may be hidden behind panels that should just pull off)
  4. Next remove any screws holding the shower door to the shower stall. You should then be able to remove the shower door from the stall
  5. Now try to remove as much grout as possible using a knife or V shaped chisel
  6. Remove any other screws holding other panes of glass to the shower stall before removing the glass (it may just pull off after removing the shower stall screws
  7. Once you have removing the shower glass, there will be some shower stall brackets connecting to the wall. After removing the shower glass, you will be able to access the screws holding the shower stall brackets to the wall. Remove these screws
  8. Now you need to remove the back panel of the shower stall. This can be done by jamming a long screw driver between it and the wall and just pulling it off, after removing any grout – it should just be glued to the wall. You will damage the jib board behind the shower stall, there’s no getting around this 🙁
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