How To Register FinePrint PDF Factory Pro License Key Code

It’s not immediately obvious how to enter the license key / code to register FinePrint’s PDF Factory Pro and registering the license key in PDF Factory Pro Server Edition is different again. To register the license for PDF Factory pro:

Install PDF Factory Pro, locate your printer drivers and right click on the printer driver for PDF Factory Pro. Click Properties, click About and enter the license key

Registering FinePrint PDF Factory Pro Server Edition license keys is different to the above. In Server Edition, do the following:

  1. Install PDF Factory Pro – Server Edition
  2. Locate the PDF Factory Pro printer driver
  3. Right click on the printer driver
  4. Click Properties
  5. Click Printer Preferences
  6. Click the Licensing tab
  7. Click License Codes
  8. Enter your PDF Factory Pro license and click OK, OK

PDF Factory Pro will now be registered.

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